Sludging it out in Williamsburg

If you haven't heard of sludge, then you've never lived in Manhattan. It is the one word that accurately describes what I woke up to this morning. That and a hangover. A handful of friends and I decided to celebrate the much hyped Snow Storm 2010 and the subsequent snow day - we should have known better. There may be no school today, but there's work. And that's the thing - there will always be work. Especially when you live in Manhattan - subways work, feet work, and cab drivers try to work, much to our detriment. Yes, you can get to work. Snow days are now like Santa Claus - existing in their magical form only as kids. So you see, we shouldn't get that excited about snow. We shouldn't, but we did - and we did it in Williamsburg.

Doning my dirty Converse, plastic Ray Bans in hand, we stopped for a little nourishment at Walter Foods. You have to stock up before a snow storm and I added to my winter padding with one of the best pork chops I have ever eaten. Double cut and grilled to a beautiful char, these chops were tops. They were served on a bed of mashers with a Brussels sprout and apple slaw and an apple-cinnamon-shallot compote - a step up from the apple sauce I usually drench my chops in to mask the dryness. A Moroccan influenced couscous was a lighter option - served with roasted butternut squash, toasted hazelnuts and fennel seeds, each bite was interesting with such a unique blend of flavors. The only knock on the dish was the portion size - unsatisfactory - especially for a dish as inexpensive to prepare as couscous.  I'll be recreating the dish at home in the near future for a fraction of the cost. Admittedly we made an ordering error on the appetizer front. Instead of going with what they're known for - the amazing oyster selection and raw bar - we went with the crispy string beans, evoking my favorite dish from the e.village's The Smith. They were fairly bland and served with an overpowering hoison sauce. I'd like a re-do where I can chase a dozen bivalves with a bowl of their hearty clam chowder. But everyone makes mistakes.
On our way to the Music Hall of Williamsburg,  we stopped at the Lovin' Cup Cafe, for a few poorly poured cocktails. Even though they have a multitude of fruit and spice infused liquors, their mixology left something to be desired - most notably, larger ice cubes and an experienced bartender. They're cocktail list paraded all the old school classics - sazeracs, old fashioneds, sidecars - but they didn't coordinate with the overall vibe of the place (beer swigging, tequila tasting dive bar - in a good way!) I know the whole speakeasy thing is huge right now - especially in Brooklyn - but if you're gonna do it, you have to do it right. And you don't have to do it at all!

What Williamsburg did do right was an amazing show - we went to see Yeasayer and they were off the chain. If you're laughing at my lame description and want a more in-depth critique of the show, check out Brooklyn Vegan's review or download my favorite song, Sunrise. I can't even pretend to be a music critic - I just like what I like - and I liked.

Overall, a great first experience in Williamsburg and one I look forward to again - on my list for next time:

Wear your Uggs.
- The Heat

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