The Quick and Dirty: the New Ashiya - Sushi with a Side of Frat Boy

Ever fantasize about eating raw fish in the middle of a frat party? Well Cybil, your dream is now reality. 

Passable sushi and all you can drink sake bombs are enough to lure recent grads from their seats at Dorrian's to check out the East Village. Okay okay - I'm sorry for all the stereotyping - some had to have been from 'boken too. 

Hot: Be as noisy and drunk as you want - they wont bat an eyelash. 

Cold: Everyone else is being as noisy and drunk as they want. You have been warned.

Must try: Stick with the house special rolls - the Sunset Roll in particular was a real crowd pleaser. Although that was after about 6 pitchers of beer, so it's all relative.

The New Ashiya
167 First Ave near 10th Street
website:  www.ashiya2.com


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