I'll Have the Seafood Sundae Please: Eating Dessert at Pearl Oyster Bar

Excuse me, I thought I ordered the seafood platter. What the heck is this?

Our dinner started off shaky when I was handed what looked like an ice cream sundae made up of oysters and clams. It even came with the long spoon normally used to scrape out that last bite of hot fudge - this time we used it to fish out that lone oyster, floating in a pool of murky seawater. Sort of gross, even for this fish monger.

The rest of the meal was a delight. The pan roasted scallop entree was generous in size and perfectly caramelized. But the real attention should be paid to their lobster roll. I rank it in my top three, alongside Duryea's and Lunch in Montauk. I have yet to try Mary's - and look forward to the West Village faceoff. Pearl's lobster roll was huge and generously stuffed with lobster meat. The salad a perfect consistency of mayo-y goodness.  Served on a nest of addicting shoestring fries - salty, crispy heaven - they were the perfect pair.

That lobster roll explains the wait. The place is perpetually packed and doesn't take reservations. Keep your party small and just grab a seat at the bar. Quicker seating, quicker service and a quicker way to those shoestring fries.

Pearl Oyster Bar
18 Cornelia St
New York, NY 10014-4138
(212) 691-8211


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