Getting back to your roots: PB & Co

I'm always amazed at the degree of loyalty peanut butter enthusiasts have for their product. A coworker that shall remain nameless, sneaks finger fulls into his mouth while typing. I will never touch his keyboard. Another friend hides jars from her roommate by stashing them away in her sock drawer. Their devotion seems to exceed that of most food obsessors. The most notable exception being those belonging to the recently created 'burger clubs', but that is worthy of its own post.

It comes as no surprise that someone finally capitalized on this obsession with peanut butter. As a mere peanut butter enthusiast, one sandwich will satiate my cravings for at least a month. I find it's an affection not worthy of purchasing the necessary accouterments to replicate my $9 Elvis, a wonderfully gooey concoction of peanut butter, bananas, honey and bacon on lightly toasted bread. Its also not worth the looks from my Mother when she opens my fridge to see a gigantic jar of Fluff (for the Fluffernutter sandwich, also on the menu). It is the perfect place for that one off, oddball craving that you might not otherwise be willing to satisfy. And for those whose cravings venture beyond the basics, there are far more imaginative options such as the Dark Chocolate Dreams Sandwich- chocolate peanut butter and cherry preserves stuffed with shredded coconut. Or the Pregnant Wife- peanut butter with bread and butter pickle chips.

Whether you go classic or quirky, this cute cafe near Washington Sq Park is a fun take on a childhood favorite. Their sandwiches are served in brown paper bags with little bags of chips and sliced carrots, as if Mom herself had packed it. And if they could somehow fit story time and a nice little nap in there, the experience would truly be complete.



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