Bar Boulud: the Perfect Pre-Theater Bite

Taking your significant other to the ballet? Bar Boulud is the perfect pre theater bite. Cozy up to the bar with your honey, or better yet, grab a table outside, but wherever you decide to rest your rump, make sure you order the charcuterie plate. Not to be missed are the head-cheese terrine, the coarse pâté grand-père (foie gras, pork, port), and Daniel's home-style dry sausage. It is accompanied by a generous spread of relishes and a helping of warm, perfectly crusted bread. Add a nice bottle of burgundy and you'll be immediately transported back to that Parisian cafe you promised you'd someday return to.

Main courses can be glossed over, especially if you plan on making it through Act 2 of Swan Lake. However, if you still have room, a sampling of their boudin should do the trick. Smooth and unbelievably rich, they almost distract from the sumptuous clouds of lightly truffled mashed potatoes (with the blanc) or the delightfully sweet caramelized apple puree with the noir. Need a jolt of caffeine pre-theater? Get a double dose with dark chocolate tart.

- The HEAT


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