DBGB Kitchen & Bar: Just another night with "DB". NBD.

That's right people - Daniel was in the kitchen on my inaugural visit to DBGB one busy Friday evening. And yes, I think we should be on a first name basis - I mean, the guy stood on my left toes to talk to the owner of Lil' Frankies who was standing at the bar. I think he needed the boost though - he's not an inch taller than 5'5" - and friends help out friends like that, NBD.

Speaking of annoying acronyms...DBGB stands for Daniel Boulud Good Burger, a recession friendly establishment from a man that specializes in fancy, overpriced french fare. Kudos from from the unemployed corner! And Good Burger is indeed accurate. I attacked The 'Frenchie', the American burger's sexier cousin, replacing bacon with pork belly confit. Tomato-onion compote in lieu of...wait for it...tomatoes and onions. Spicy arugula rather than iceberg. And pulease, cornichons! Not pickles. It was delicious, if an over-the-top belly bomber. But the fancy burger is nothing new to NYC. Or Daniel for that matter (the short rib and foie gras heart stopper at DB Bistro Moderne came long before). And its certainly not what Daniel is known for.

So lets talk sausage. Or sausEEge for the native New Yorker.

Links. Bangers. Saucisses.  Split. Share. Stuff. But try them all.

Particularly the Smoked Pork and Cheddar Link: served over hash browns with red onion creme frache.

This was the star of the night for me...but I guess DBSPaCL doesnt have much of a ring to it, now does it?

DGBD Kitchen & Bar
299 Bowery St
NY, NY 10003