The Quick and Dirty: Brunch at Hundred Acres

Farm fresh ingredients are the focus at this modern, airy addition to student-dining laden MacDougal Street. The menu reads like a stock list at a farm stand, allowing the typical brunch options a resplendent flare. Think poached eggs served over roasted jalepeno grits. Or french toast made with semolina-raisin bread served with caramelized pineapple and honey yogurt.

Hot: They had me at the drink menu: five choices of bloody marys that come with enough garni to skip the obligatory salad.

Cold: Farm fresh apparently can also mean limited. They ran out of some of their more popular items before the late, hungover crowd (yours truly) made it to brunch. No sweat- I will be back for dinner shortly.

Must try: The feta cheese starter, served with dates, apples, cracked pepper and honey. Just the right blend of salty sweet to awaken all the taste buds you killed with last nights tequila.

38 Macdougal St
Reservations recommended: 212-475-7500


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